Before we anodize your aluminum extrusions, South Georgia Anodizing offers full fabrication services to provide you with a completed part.

Fabrication uses specialized machines to shape, join, mold, and cut your metal into its final form. Afterward, you can choose to finish it off with abrasion-resistant powder-coat paint, mechanical textures, or one of our many eye-catching anodic coatings.

Our fabrication services include CNC machining, drilling, punching, precision cutting, forming and welding. Contact us to discuss the processes needed to produce your custom part.

Here’s a list of our machinery that do all of the easy work:

  • CNC Milling machines (up to 30 foot bed length)
  • Emmegi Quadra L2
  • CNC Robodrill
  • CNC precision saws
  • Punch presses
  • Bending machines
  • Aluminum welding