Prior to anodizing your parts, we offer a full line of fabrication capabilities. Our fabrication capabilities include CNC machining, precision cutting, punching, drilling forming and welding.

We are committed to provide quality metal finishing services that best suit your needs and exceed your expectations. Our electrolytic two-step process will provide the best anodization for your project. With fast quoting and quick turnaround times, we ensure that you will have your top-quality product in record time.

South Georgia Anodizing in Douglas, GA satisfies metal finishing needs nationwide, providing quality custom anodizing to your specifications. From famous jobs such as the Super Bowl™ Half-Time stage to the usual industry work, we can meet all your aluminum finishing needs.

Anodizing finishes aluminum alloys through the electrochemical process of electrolytic oxidation that is applied to an aluminum surface. The process creates a hard, protective coating on the metal that is resistant to corrosion, wear and abrasion.

Our modern facility has the capability to anodize lengths up to 32 feet.

Anodizing FAQ

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